Santa Maria Airport Departures (SMA)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Ponta Delgada (PDL) Azores Airlines SP100 07:50 Scheduled

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Flight Departures at Santa Maria Airport

There are few choices for ground transportation to Santa Maria Airport on Santa Maria Island in Portugal. A cab ride takes about 10 minutes, making it the shortest option to the airport.

Santa Maria Airport is connected to neighboring communities on the island by bus. However, because these only run once or twice daily, it is best to verify schedules before making travel arrangements using this mode of transportation.

If you are renting a vehicle at Santa Maria Airport, you may return your car rental car vehicle onsite.

Rental Car Services at Santa Maria Airport

Without having to rely on public transit, Santa Maria Airport's car rental services provide the ideal means of seeing this breathtaking area. You may visit some of the region's most beautiful locations with a car hire.

Drive for an afternoon of sightseeing, or take a leisurely stroll along one of the numerous picturesque beaches surrounding this lovely island. Alternatively, you may go sightseeing in one of the local, national parks and take in some of the amazing natural scenes of the island while breathing lots of fresh air.

See all rental car companies at Santa Maria Airport.

Taxi Services at Santa Maria Airport

Travelers can navigate the city and its surroundings with ease thanks to this service. Taxis are a practical mode of transportation for tourists who want to avoid renting a car or might need access to one while staying in the Azores. More information about taxis at Santa Maria Airport.

Given that the island's many attractions must be viewed, they can also be used for sightseeing trips. Depending on where you need to travel and how far it is from the airport, the fee typically runs from 10-15 Euros.

Train Services at Santa Maria Airport

Unfortunately, Santa Maria Airport in the Portuguese Azores has no trains. However, using a taxi or a bus to get to the city center is simple for visitors. Only 5 kilometers separate Vila do Porto's airport from the city center. Additional information about train services near Santa Maria Airport.

Visitors can check with their hotels to see if shuttle services from the airport to nearby hotels are offered before traveling to confirm the availability of such services. It often takes less than 10 minutes to get a taxi from the authorized space outside the arrivals hall to central Vila do Porto.

Bus Services at Santa Maria Airport

Several buses travel to Vila do Porto daily, stopping at hotels and other destinations. Please be aware that there are few buses on the island. Further information about buses to and from Santa Maria Airport.

Taxis are an option for people who want to go somewhere quickly but cheaply. There are no ride-sharing services or trains available. However, if you want to drive throughout the island, there are rental vehicle agencies at Santa Maria Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Santa Maria Airport

To go from the airport to your hotel, cruise ship, or other locations in the Azores, use the shuttle, which is a quick and inexpensive option. It is ideal for groups traveling together because it can accommodate up to six people at once. The shuttle can be reserved in advance online and offers luggage assistance as well.

If necessary, you can even reserve last-minute transfers. Drivers are skilled experts familiar with the area and will ensure you reach your destination safely. Please check if your lodging on the island has the service, though.

Visit the hotel page on our website for additional details.

Rideshare Services at Santa Maria Airport

The Santa Maria Airport does not offer ride-sharing services. However, visitors can use alternative means of transportation to move around the area.

The airport offers taxi services that will carry customers anywhere they need to go. Getting to Santa Maria has always been difficult due to the available day and nighttime bus services.

Parking Services at Santa Maria Airport

Numerous parking facilities and lots close to Santa Maria Airport are available for travelers. They are away on vacation or on business at the same time. Both short-term and long-term parking spaces are available in the wide lot next to the terminal.

Access is unlimited, and short-term parking is offered for €3 per hour every day of the week. You should budget between €6 per day and €12 per week if you need to park for a while.

See more information about long and short-term parking at Santa Maria Airport.

Other Services at Santa Maria Airport

In addition to duty-free stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes, Santa Maria Airport on Santa Maria Island, Azores, Portugal, provides additional passenger services and amenities. The airport has a lounge where passengers can comfortably wait for their flights.

The airport is well-appointed with contemporary amenities, ensuring the convenience of all passengers who pass through its doors. In addition, several restaurants near the terminal serve delectable local cuisine that can be enjoyed before departure or after arrival.

Free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the airport allow travelers to remain in touch with loved ones while on vacation. There are also ATMs within the terminal building, providing travelers with access to cash if required.

Santa Maria Airport also offers car rental and parking services, making it simpler for visitors to explore the beautiful island of Santa Maria and its surroundings.

Disabled Passengers at Santa Maria Airport

The airport provides assistance to passengers with mobility impairments, hearing impairments, and/or visual impairments. At the information desk in the arrivals hall, people with special needs can request assistance, and they will be directed to the appropriate service provider.

Passengers requiring wheelchair assistance can also make provisions before their arrival by contacting the Airport Help Desk between 09:00 and 17:30 (Lisbon time) Monday through Friday. The staff is experienced in providing personalized service that meets the specific needs of each passenger.

In addition, passengers requiring medical apparatus such as oxygen tanks can reserve these services when making an online or over-the-phone reservation. Santa Maria Airport guarantees an equal-access journey that enables disabled passengers to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.

Wi-Fi at Santa Maria Airport

Free Internet access allows passengers to rapidly browse the web or send emails. In addition, it features stores selling food and souvenirs, charging stations for electronic devices, banking facilities, and even currency exchange offices.

Baggage Claim at Santa Maria Airport

It provides all the services travelers require, including check-in counters, baggage claim carousels, and customs clearance. The personnel at Baggage Claim will also assist you with any questions or difficulties you may encounter while checking in or retrieving your luggage.

This service facilitates travel through Santa Maria Airport by ensuring passengers receive their possessions on time and without incident.

Information Desk at Santa Maria Airport

Customers can locate staff members who are knowledgeable about the local area and eager to answer any inquiries they may have. The Information Desk also offers assistance in locating airport transportation, such as limousine services and car rental agencies.

In addition, they provide visitors with maps of the Azores to plan their trip in advance. With its convenient location in the terminal building of Santa Maria Airport, travelers can readily access all necessary travel information before departure.

Smoking at Santa Maria Airport

Smoking is now restricted to designated areas of parking lots and outdoor public spaces, but not within 10 meters of any entrance or exit. This helps ensure that all passengers, employees, and visitors entering and exiting the airport terminal are not exposed to secondhand tobacco.

This restriction applies equally to traditional tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and electronic cigarettes. To reduce the risks of smoking near others, visitors who desire to smoke during their stay must do so far from public access points.

Lost and Found Section at Santa Maria Airport

Santa Maria Airport in Azores, Portugal, is a busy airport with many passengers arriving and departing daily. Therefore, the airport has established an efficient Lost and Found Section to ensure that all lost items are promptly located and returned to their owners.

Those who have forgotten something at the airport can submit a request online or directly contact customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Restrooms at Santa Maria Airport

The lavatories provide a comprehensive selection of amenities, including showers with hot water, modern sinks and toilets, paper towel dispensers, mirrors, soap dispensers, and hand dryers.

In addition to being clean and comfortable, these restrooms offer travelers who could use some pampering after lengthy flights an enjoyable experience.

Nursing Mothers Station at Santa Maria Airport

The station is furnished with a chair, a changing table, and ample storage space for any supplies that may be required. It also has a refrigerator so nursing mothers can keep their breast milk cold until they exit the airport.

In addition, the station provides electrical outlets for any necessary apparatus, including pump adapters and charging devices. This new location offers much-needed assistance to nursing mothers traveling through one of Portugal's busiest airports.

ATMs at Santa Maria Airport

Numerous ATMs are situated throughout the airport, making locating one that meets your requirements simple. The kiosks accept all major credit and debit cards and Euros for cash withdrawals.

For added convenience, most machines offer English, Spanish, and Portuguese language options, making them accessible to an international clientele.

Currency Exchange at Santa Maria Airport

There is no currency exchange service available at this location. Before flying into Santa Maria Airport in Portugal, please validate that this is still the situation.

Food and Beverages at Santa Maria Airport

Numerous refreshment bars, cafeterias, and restaurants serve regional specialties such as steak with mashed potatoes and traditional seafood dishes. There are also quick-service restaurants for those on the go.

An ice cream store offers delicious homemade treats for those with a sweet tooth. Passengers can also visit the shopping area to buy souvenirs, such as handcrafted jewelry from local artisans, and snacks like chocolates.

Shopping at Santa Maria Airport

From the moment you enter, you are surrounded by an abundance of shopping opportunities and regional specialties that distinguish this airport. The products range from food and beverages to apparel, accessories, and souvenirs.

They can find everything they require at Santa Maria Airport in the Azores, regardless of whether they are searching for a specific item or simply browsing. In addition, there are always interesting artworks on exhibit throughout the building and beautiful outdoor gardens where customers can stroll after making their purchases.

Pet Relief at Santa Maria Airport

Both designated pet relief areas are located within the terminal facility. Outside, there is even more room for pets to run around and relieve themselves if necessary before or after their flight. Ample shade is available at the airport so your companion can remain cool while waiting. To apologize for the inconvenience, please know the transport regulations for live animals at the hub.

Ticketing Services at Santa Maria Airport

Ticketing services at Santa Maria Airport provide customers with multiple flight options, including direct charter, low-cost carriers, scheduled flights, and private jet services, allowing them to choose the most suitable option.

The airport's terminal building has restaurants, bars, and stores, providing travelers with everything they need before boarding their next flight.

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